Estimating and Cost Planning


Owners will generally require realistic project budgets to calculate feasibility of a project or development, sometimes before a design team is engaged. We can assist by providing estimating and cost planning services to establish realistic budgets to suit your project requirements. 

Detailed Estimates and Cost Plans

As highly skilled cost planners and estimators we can prepare costs plans and estimates at all levels of design. Ideally, the estimating and cost planning process should begin at project inception and continue through all the design milestones to ensure that budgets are maintained. Value engineering and design option analysis may be undertaken to meet project budget, user or owner objectives.

The cost plan needs to ensure that risks are appropriately managed including provisional sums and allowance adjustments. 

There may also be reconciliation required between our independent cost plan and one prepared by another party (usually a head contractor or QS) at various milestones. Once agreement is reached within a reasonable cost tolerance, the design can continue to the next phase.

If required we can also produce "one-off" estimates such as concept estimates, preliminary estimates, pre-tender estimates, capital investment value (CIV) estimates or cost checks.